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The Complete Guide to Wearing White Shirts in the Office

The Complete Guide to Wearing White Shirts in the Office

First up is the white shirt; apparel which had admittedly always been in the center of millions of major historical moments in human history, film and culture and one that came from a darker past than you may ever imagine. White shirts are known for their classic simplicity and casual appeal, especially when worn with casual trousers or shorts. However, the white shirt did not just appear on its own. It was created out of the necessity of being able to wear an article of clothing that had a strong yet clean, uncluttered look. It is believed to have originated during the Renaissance period, as the white cloth was used to create white linen. The white cloth was later called by the French ‘Le plait’ – literally meaning ‘little shirt’.


During the early days of the white shirt, the bottom button was left free. The top and sides then soon became covered with various materials, such as linen and buttons, before finally settling down to the flat fronted design of the modern-day white shirt. It is this design that has remained relatively the same throughout the years and can be seen being used by men all across the world (and even the rest of the world), whether they are employed in the armed forces, work in an office environment, or are simply attending a football match. One way to create a custom-made shirt however, is to take advantage of the fact that the buttonhole still remains free.

The white shirt is extremely versatile in the sense that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This is of course dependent on the way the top and bottom halves have been made. Some modern versions of the white shirt are designed so that they are machine-washable, thus making them suitable for regular use. However, as the design is more complex than this, it is no longer considered to be strictly utilitarian and can be instead used as a fashion accessory, complementing either pants or shorts, or even dresses.

There are many ways you can incorporate a white shirt into your wardrobe, starting with how you can wear it as a purely functional piece. If you have a pair of trousers, then pairing them with a white t-shirt, button-down, or with a V-neck jumper, can give you both comfort and style. Likewise, if you wear a white shirt with a pair of jeans, then using a belt, brogues, or suspenders can help you keep your pants in place without looking like you are trying too hard. As for other types of clothing, you can even wear these with a plain t-shirt under a tank top. This way, you can combine different elements from different pieces of clothing to make something that is uniquely you.


white shirts are perfect for using with a particular wardrobe. For example, some people prefer a plain white shirt over a patterned one, but this needn’t stop them getting both. A white shirt and jeans can be worn as the main item of a layered outfit, allowing the other items of clothing underneath to dominate, while still maintaining an understated beauty. Likewise, some women don’t really care for patterned or printed tops, so using a white button-up shirt will allow them to keep their style fresh and interesting. It is important to note that, when using a white shirt as part of your wardrobe, it needs to be versatile; you don’t want to end up wearing it once, then having to go back to the same old outfit.


there are a number of different ways you can incorporate a white shirt into your style. For example, some people choose to wear a white shirt with a blazer or a jacket, so that they look more dressed up than down. Alternatively, you could choose a pin-down style shirt, which flatters your figure the most. Some women prefer a plaid shirt over a white shirt without any pattern, as this allows them to draw attention to certain areas of their body. It is also worth remembering that you should never wear a white shirt with tight-fitting pants; this is because the white can become slippery on the bottom if the pants are too tight, making it impossible to keep the top in place. However, if the top isn’t too loose, then you can have fun experimenting with different patterns and colors!


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