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The Three Most Popular Types of Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts is one of the most popular fashion accessories for men. A polo shirt is basically a short-sleeved shirt with either a collar, a v-neckline with two to three buttons, or an open collar.  were first worn by polo players in India in the early 1860s and by Polo players in England during the early 1920s. The word” Polo” first came from the English word” Polo,” which meant a kind of footwear. Polo Shoes was originally made in China, but later on they were brought to the British military area by the London Army. Polo Shirts is a great option for any man – whether he is working or playing – and you will find that even men who are not interested in sports are wearing polo shirts every day.

Different looks depending on the cut of the shirt and the kind of collar it is. They can be buttoned up or down, with laces, three buttons or no buttons, flat or slightly rounded collars, etc. There are also collars that feature a decorative square or rectangle on the front. The buttons of the Polo Shirt differ according to the type of Polo Shirt you choose. You can either have buttons with plain sides or solid sides.

There are many kinds of this Shirts in the market today, and you will find that some of them are more popular than others. Some of the most popular tools include those that feature a V-neck, crew neck, or an open collar. All these styles have their own unique features, but there are also classic styles that you may want to consider buying. If you are looking for something sophisticated and elegant, then you should probably stick to classic polo.

Another type of popular polo shirts includes those that feature both open and closed collars. In addition to the style and cut of the shirt, you can also choose the color options. These shirts usually come in one of three basic colors: black, gray or white. You can also find polo shirts with quarter inch or half inch sleeves and solid colors on the front and back. Your choice of color options will largely depend on your personal preference and the school or organization you intend to wear your shirt to.

Another option that you have when it comes to choosing  the hemline of the shirt. There are two different lengths to choose from – short or long. You can also choose between solid colored shirts or patterned ones. You may like the look of a polo shirts with a casual round collar and short sleeves or polo shirts with an open collar and long sleeve. Again, your preference will be based on the kind of sport or event you want to wear your shirt to.

The third common type of polo shirts you will come across is the collared shirt, which is quite simply a collared shirt with buttons or zippers that surround the neck. As the name implies, this is an informal style of shirt that can either be buttoned up or in the case of short sleeves, pulled down. This collar style is very popular with casual workers and other people who want to create a little class and style in their appearance. This is the kind of popular shirts, you should consider if you want to look dressed for work.


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