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The Three Parts of a Typical Henley Shirt

If you want to look cool for any occasion, no matter what it might be, then it’s time to invest in a Henley Shirt. The classic short sleeve, square necked shirt that originally started as a sportswear wear for British Royal Navy members is now worn by many non-royals all over the world. The name was derived from a town in England where a lady runner was said to have won a crown by wearing the same shirt that the royals wore. For some time, it was just known as the Henley. Since then, it has expanded to include polo shirts, casual shirts, and even skirts and dresses.

An excellent reason to buy a Henley shirt these days is because it’s comfortable, stylish, and very flattering. A Henley shirt generally is a square collarless pullover style shirt, with a square neckline and typically having two to five buttons. It basically is a plain collar polo shirt made of cotton or a cotton blend. But it was specifically designed with the comfort, fashion and great fitting in mind.

The fabric used in making a Henley shirt is usually cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, which makes it very soft and comfortable. Another advantage of the fabric is that it doesn’t shrink or crease that easily. This is great for those who love to go out in public in their Henley shirts but don’t want to worry about them getting wrinkled like a regular shirt would. In addition, the fabric also helps your body to breathe, especially if you have a sports fan or a person who works out at the gym. These particular fabrics also help repel moisture from your skin, which is good when you’re sweating and heading out into the sun.

The three-button placket is the top pocket in a typical Henley shirts design. The reason why the placket can be opened is because most people don’t want to wear their shirts with buttons, because it is considered unfashionable. However, the three-button placket is not unfashionable; instead it is considered a very functional part of an everyday t-shirt. Most Henley shirts will come with a three-button placket, although you may find ones that are made with a zipper on the pocket as well.

Finally, the last part of any Henley shirt design is the collar. The collar is the part that goes over your shoulder and supports your neck. Many people prefer the cowl neck look, which is simple in its design: a basic v-neck base layer, then a collar sleeve and then a top half sleeve and a bottom half sleeve. This layering style is the most common among Henley shirts and works best for casual wear or a gym or day-time outfit.

So there you have it – three basic parts of a Henley shirt that make up the basic design. Now, just decide which part you like the best, and how you want to incorporate those parts into your wardrobe! Whatever your preference, go for the best Henley shirt you can find; this way you’ll be happy with your selection every time you wear it.


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