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How to Make Your Own Halloween Shirts

Halloween is a great time of year, especially when the kids are out trick or treating. Everyone loves the chance to have fun, and many people enjoy dressing up in costumes for Halloween. You can find Halloween t shirts at many different locations, both in your local mall or grocery store or online. One way to save money on Halloween shirts is to make your own. There are many easy to follow directions online that even kids will be able to follow.

The first thing you need to do is get all of the items you will need. You will need to buy a large enough shirt, a hooded jacket, and any other accessories you may want. A face mask is also important. You can use a bandage covered face mask for this purpose.

Now you need to head over to the computer. You can find many free Halloween template websites online where you can print a template to use as your t shirt. Or you can just head over to a computer shop and purchase one there. Remember to look at all of the different Halloween shirt designs and choose one that is best suited to your design. This can be a great project to make with kids.

Once you have printed your template, you need to start cutting it out. Use a sharp pair of scissors to make sure the shapes are straight and try not to cut too much off. Once you have all of your pieces cut out, it is time to start making your Halloween shirt. Print the design on one side and then lay it flat on the garment. Use a sewing machine to sew the edges together.

Once you have completed your shirt, you can find various websites that offer them. They will have instructions on how to put your shirt together. You can also use a little seam ripper to make small areas of your shirt where you would like the design to be. This will allow you to press your shirt against the desired shape.

Once you have completed your Halloween outfit, you can put some fun accessories on it. This will allow you to have a unique look. All you need is glue, buttons, and fabric. Glue a spider web onto the front of your shirt and attach a face in the center. If you would like to add more accessories to your outfit, then you will find many fun and creative things online to do.


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