Golf shirts are a common fashion item for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Polo shirts were initially just a type of polo shirt with a single collar, usually with a double or three buttoned collar, and a small placket or chest pocket. Polo shirts were originally only short sleeved; later they were also used by tennis players in India in 18 59 and in Great Britain during the 20s. Today, golf shirts come in a variety of styles and colors, even options such as zippered fronts and pockets.

The original Polo shirt had short sleeves and was made out of cotton. A collared golf shirt, on the other hand, was a much longer version of the regular golf shirt. Collarless golf shirts were also made available to golfers in recent decades. In this article, we will discuss the different types of collars and their functions.

Long Sleeve: These long sleeve golf shirts have a long piece of cloth at the top with two sleeves that connect to the collar and hem. The two sleeves of the long style tend to be wider at the shoulders than those of the collared version. This allows golfers who have a broad shoulders to have a slim fit golf shirt without having to have sleeves that hang down. Another advantage of the long-sleeved version is that it allows the player’s hands to stay close to the body, so that the golfer won’t accidentally touch the ball.

Short Sleeve: A short sleeve golf shirt is made out of a lighter material than the long one of the polo shirt. Polyester and cotton are often the materials of choice for this style of golf shirt. Cotton also offers some stretch to it, which allows for a more comfortable feel against the skin. Some of these are made from a blend of cotton and polyester. Cotton tools are also sometimes used as undergarments.

Nylon: Most golf shirts feature a nylon trim at the neck and on the sleeves. Sometimes these are made with more than just nylon. They may have sewn in embroidery, or sports designs. A great benefit of nylon is that they are often made with cotton backing.

Polyester: The main thing you’ll find with polo shirts made out of polyester is that they are more durable than cotton. However, they don’t offer the comfort and ease of motion that are often found with the longer length of cotton. They are usually made out of a blend of polyester and cotton, but it is possible to find some that are made entirely out of polyester. These cotton golf shirts are highly prized by golf courses because they allow players to feel better while playing the game.

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