4 Reasons to Love Flannel Shirts
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4 Reasons to Love Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are one of the most comfortable shirts available on the market today. Made from soft, flexible nylon, flannel shirts can be worn for a number of seasons, all the way through to the winter season. In addition, they’re great for casual day-wear and for lounging around at the end of the day in your garden. The benefits of flannel shirt include their breathability, which keeps your body heat in, their durability, which means that they’ll last several years without needing to be ironed, and their versatility, meaning you can change them up to create different looks. Here are three great reasons to buy yourself a few flannel shirts.

First, flannel shirts are a great fabric for warm weather. Natural sheepskin is a great insulator. In fact, it is so warm that it’s been used for centuries in blankets and heavy sweaters because it keeps you warm without making you feel bulky. Flannel has a naturally thermal quality about it that makes it a popular choice in winter. It is very similar to cashmere, which acts like a natural insulator but has a much softer feel.

Second, flannel shirts are a very versatile fabric. You can wear flannel shirts year round and not get hung up on the coldest days, since they have a breathable quality that allows moisture to stay in the air instead of being absorbed. For days when you might be chilly, just add on a few pairs of men’s pajama bottoms, and you’ll be all set for any occasion.

Third, wearing flannel shirts with jeans is a great fashion statement. Because jeans are now more of a casual fabric, many people are choosing to wear jeans as part of their wardrobe. However, many jeans have a very casual look about them that just screams “uniform,” especially on the legs. Wearing a flannel shirt with jeans is the perfect way to step it up a notch. It adds a little bit of edgier fashion to your regular wardrobe and also gives you a bit of extra warmth and body protecting from the cold.

Fourth, flannel shirts come in so many different styles that you can dress up or dress down. For everyday wear, you can find plaid fabric in solid colors such as black, gray, white, and brown. For those special occasions where you need to dress up a little bit, choose plaid fabric in fun patterns. There are so many cute plaid patterns including flowers, stars, polka dots, and more. If you have a favorite childhood cartoon character or movie character, you can find plaid fabric printed tee shirts with that character’s image on them for a cute and fun look.

Finally, the best part about these shirts is that they’re easy to care for. A simple machine wash is enough to keep them looking fresh and new. If they get dirty, all you need is a quick rub down with a mild detergent. If they’ve been overfilled with sweat, simply remove them and let them dry in the air until the sweat has dried off. They’ll be ready to take out the next time you wear them!

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